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Meet Walter Neilands big Fan of Squeeze the Day

Big Fan of Squeeze the Day - Walter Neilands

You might have seen Walter's jive or quickstep on Dancing with the Stars in 2019 or more recently in his backyard keeping kids entertained through lockdown on Amped.  He is no stranger to the small screen having hosted various shows like TV3's Cadbury Dream Factory and Sticky TV, NZ's most popular youth TV show.  Walter's upbeat energy, positive personality and passion for finance made him perfect for helping promote Squeeze the Day to kiwi kids and make learning about money and finances fun and enjoyable.



As a fan of Squeeze the Day, you'll see Walter pop up here and there and your kids will get familiar with him as he appears throughout the course content.  We've got to know Walter a little better since meeting and now you can too - we thought it only fair to ask him a couple of questions about his own financial journey!

1. What was your first job?

A paper run on Waiheke island!. I started it when I was 11 years old and did it for 3 years, it was a big job!  About 500 letterboxes and tool about 4 hours to complete. It was great because I earned money to help my family get groceries and it helped me save up for a skateboard.

2. Did you get pocket money as a kid - what jobs did you do?

Yes, I did! There were also lots of times when I didn't get pocket money but when my parents had some money to give me it would be for things like mowing the lawns, doing the dishes or tidying the house. My uncle would also invite me to do work at his house and he would pay me to do the gardening. So if you're looking for pocket money you can ask Aunties/Uncles and even Grandparents if they have ways you can earn some pocket money.


3. What motivates you to work hard?

The reward of feeling like I achieved something!  It's so great to do the work and get the reward for doing so! When it came to filming for Squeeze the Day, my main motivation was thinking about how much it would help you! We wanted to make something fun that made learning about money easy and enjoyable for you - and that makes me feel so good!

4. What lessons about money did you learn from your parents?

To be smart with your money!

Growing up, we didn't have much at all and I learnt that you can still have fun without much money!  However, when you are earning money - be wise with what you have as you can use it for cool things like presents for friends, buying yourself sports gear or even buy a house or travel!