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Squeeze the Day Goes Live!

Kick-start the development of positive money habits for kids today.

9th April, 2020 - If your kids think the Bank of Mum and Dad has a never ending supply of money or that money grows on trees, then Squeeze the Day is right for your family! Kiwi founders, twin brothers Craig and Paul Duffy believe that knowledge developed before the age of 13 and a go get em attitude is the key to more secure financial futures for young kiwis. They've developed a fresh approach to learning about finance with the emphasis on creating simple, consistent habits and putting value on earning and saving from a young age. 'We did it when we were young, and so can you. The lessons we learned as kids have proved invaluable and steered us well through life'.

The Auckland brothers began their own financial journey as kids, selling fruit at the end of their driveway. Over the years they have taught thousands of students the fundamentals of money management and have now created an online learning programme called Squeeze the Day. The course is made up of fun videos, quizzes, games and real world challenges with lots of parent / child interactions designed to stimulate conversation within the household and ensure families learn together.

The content is designed primarily for tweens 10-13 year olds. Says Paul Duffy, 'these 'tween years' are so important, ideas around money are starting to be formed - perceptions and attitudes around earning, saving and spending. And crucially, debt hasn't been incurred yet. It's our hope that by completing Squeeze the Day kids are entering their teen years and beyond armed with the knowledge to have great financial futures, because money savvy kids become money savvy adults'. And it's not just the kids who can learn from the programme. Say's Duffy, 'we've had so many adults and parents along the way commenting that they wish they had known this when they were younger. It's simple foundation stuff, but it's so important to understand so good habits are formed.

Launching a business in this uncertain environment was not part of the plan, and the Duffy brothers did consider delaying their launch but, with so many embracing online learning and many households feeling the pinch, they have decided to release whilst NZ households are in lockdown by introducing a free trial - complete the first five lessons free to get a feel for what the course offers. We thought there's actually no better time for kids to appreciate the value of money. We hope Squeeze the Day can make a difference for people.




Rebecca Duffy

Marketing and Communications



ABOUT Squeeze the Day

The Squeeze the Day financial literacy online course delivers a structured and consistent learning experience across 5 programmes. Each programme includes a number of lessons (27 in total) and real world exercises which are drip-fed to students every two days after the free trial.  Kids are introduced to a number of financial tools such as a Savings Calculator and a Cash Tracker, and each bite-size lesson takes approx 5-10mins to complete. Parents are able to track their child’s progress and receive regular updates on what they have learned.  Kids are able to rate and review each programme and earn achievement badges as they complete the course.

Launch offer: only $49 (normally $69) for a Lifetime Household Membership, families can register up to three kids to access and complete the course.