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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on our course and services, anything else, give us a shout at:

About the course
  • How does the Free Trial work?

    Once you have created an account and registered your children, they will have access to the first 5 lessons of the course. 

    These are available to complete at the child's own pace.

    Once the 5th 'Savings' lesson has been completed, an email invite to activate the full course will be sent to you. 

    Upon receipt of payment, the lessons will continue to be available to complete at your child's own pace.

  • Why do I have to create an account?

    So you can continue on to purchase the course and gain access to your dashboard in order to register your child(ren) for the course.

  • What age is this course suitable for?

    9-13 year olds (and their families).

  • Does my child need to have any prior money/finance knowledge to be able to complete the course?

    No they don’t. This can be a great introduction to money as we start with the basics and keep it all really simple throughout the course.

  • How long should it take my child to complete the course?

    There are 27 lessons, each lesson should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete - if a Squeeze Challenge is included the time to complete will be longer.  We recommend children complete a lesson daily so approximately 1 month. However, the lessons they learn throughout the course should be adopted and become habits on a daily basis for the rest of their lives.


  • How many times will I need to get involved with helping my child complete challenges or tasks?

    There are a handful of fun real life challenges for children to complete - some requiring your help or guidance but nothing too time consuming. We also encourage and provide conversation starters so dinner table discussions could get a bit more interesting!

  • Can I register more than 4 children?

    You sure can, please send us your request via our Contact Us page.

  • What other features and benefits do I receive as a parent?

    1. ‘Always on’ access to the parent dashboard - manage your account, view your children’s progress 2. Receive regular email communications about your child’s learning progress 3. Subscription access to THE JUICE - our regular email about all things money management for children and families 4. Join our Facebook page @startthesqueeze for updates, tips, news, promotional offers

  • What does the update email about my child’s learning progress tell me?

    Once your child(ren) has completed each programme we’ll send an email summarising the key learning outcomes they have achieved and an overview of what they can expect to cover in the next programme.

  • What happens when my child has completed the course?

    1. Not only will they have learned some invaluable financial life skills, you should also see some changes in their financial habits and behaviours.

    2. They will receive a course completion certificate and have ongoing access to their dashboard where they can continue to use the course resources and financial tools including the Cash Tracker and the Savings Calculator.

About the Dashboard & Registration
  • What is the difference between the parent and child dashboards?

    The Parent dashboard allows parents to register children and assign course access with the ability to view their registered child’s course progress at any time. It’s also where parents access the child's Household Jobs Contract and Jobs Roster.

    The Child dashboard is home to the interactive course content, the Cash Tracker, Savings Calculator, FINSNAP and other course tools and resources.

  • How does my child access the online course?

    Parents / guardians register their child(ren) and in doing so create them an individual username and password. Please pass these onto your child(ren) so they can login with these details to access and start the online course. 

  • Does my child need an email address to login?

    No they don't.  Children login with the username and password parents / guardians create for them when they register them.  

    Children are able to change their username, password and profile picture under Account Settings when logged in.



About Membership & Pricing
  • How long is my membership for?

    Membership is a one-off payment per household (up to three kids) with no time limits or expiration dates.

  • What is included in my membership?

    Parent/guardian initial account set up and management with ability to register up to three kids

    Registered kid(s) connect instantly to the online course

    Kids get access to their course dashboard and learning tools including the FINSNAP, CASH TRACKER and SAVINGS CALCULATOR

    Parent/guardian gets access to the online course's Household Jobs Contract and weekly Jobs Roster sign-off

    Parent/guardian receives programme progress update email communications per registered child (keep up to date with what your child is learning)

    Kids receive achievement reward badges per programme and the course completion certificate

    Resources added to support families on their money management journey


  • Can I delete my account/membership?

    Yes you can but it means your child(ren) will no longer be able to access the course and use the financial tools. By deleting your account, your membership details and history of use (including your child(ren)'s course progress) will be stored for a period of 12 months in case you wish to join again at a later date - a charge may apply.

    To delete your account please email us with your request at hello@squeezetheday.co.nz

  • How does the e-gift voucher work?

    It's really simple - purchasing a Lifetime Household Membership for your loved ones is a great gift idea.

    Contact us via email: hello@squeezetheday.co.nz, telling us who you'd like to purchase a gift voucher for e.g. family name, contact email etc. 

    We will send you an invoice.

    Once payment received, we can send you the details to on-send to the family or we can do it on your behalf. 

    We will create a unique promo code for the family which means when they create their account, they enter this promo code at checkout and will receive the membership FREE - all thanks to you.