Online Course

Financial Literacy course designed for New Zealand tweens who are set on smart financial futures


The Squeeze the Day New Zealand financial literacy online course delivers a structured and consistent learning and educational experience across 5 programmes. It provides tweens with the foundations for a great financial future and a healthy approach to money management. Each programme includes a number of lessons and exercises which are completed at kids own pace.

#01 Getting Started

Understanding the basics of money management is where it all starts. We set tweens up with a simple understanding of the value of money and why earning and saving is imperative.

#02 Money IN

Tweens will have a greater awareness and appreciation of how to maximise their earning ability. We cover the options available to them when it comes to earning money and how to go about it.

#03 Money OUT

We reinforce the timeless message ‘Spend less than you earn’ through a series of exercises all designed to get tweens thinking about how to decrease expenses on a daily basis. Become smarter about spending and savvier about saving!

#04 What you OWN

An overview of the relevant and current assets tweens are likely to own today with a focus on improving their situation now.

#05 What you OWE

We look at some of the different types of debt products available and how to avoid, minimise or reduce debt.

The online course experience

The course is made up of 5 programmes including 27 lessons - completed at kids own pace. It’s a structured learning experience with each lesson taking on average 5-10 mins to complete. If challenges are included then the time commitment to complete will be extra.

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  • Interactive games and quizzes
  • Real-world money challenges
  • Money conversation starters
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  • Achievement badges
  • Completion certificate
  • Cash Tracker Tool
  • Savings Calculator
How it works
Create Account
  • Access personal Parent dashboard

  • Register kid(s)

  • Manage account

Start Free Trial
  • Child logs in with username & password

  • Access personal Child dashboard

  • Start initial course lessons

Full Online Course Access
  • Course payment invite sent to parent

  • Payment made & full course available to complete at Child's own pace

  • Continue with fun course experience - learn together

Ongoing Parent Experience
  • Track child online course progress

  • Receive child progress & learning update emails

  • ‘The Juice’ newsletter with money management tips & education

Ongoing Child Experience
  • 24/7 access to online course and use of financial tools

  • Rate & review each programme

  • Earn virtual achievement badges and course completion certificate

Benefits for your kids
  • Develop a greater appreciation for the value of money that comes with working hard to earn it
  • Learn new money-smart habits around earning and saving regularly
  • Understand the importance & impact of delayed gratification - do I really need this?
  • Appreciate the value & importance of setting goals to help drive motivation
  • A sense of achievement & accomplishment
Benefits for you the parent
  • Your child will develop an increased appreciation for the value of money! What it takes to earn it - and a more considered approach to spending it
  • Interesting dinner conversations! Conversations are encouraged and tools provided, guaranteeing interesting dinner conversations ahead!
  • Learn with your child! Many of our parents take learnings from Squeeze the Day themselves. It’s a helpful refresher of financial basics
  • Provides comfort that your child has the foundations for financial security at a young age - before the opportunity arises to incur debt or form bad habits with money
Savings Calculator

Use to set and update achievable weekly and annual Savings Targets through to the end of Year 13

Cash Tracker

Record all Savings and Spend Wisely transactions - go to the movies, buy a smoothie, save birthday gift money